9 Tips to Save up to $1000 on this Black Friday

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Saving $1000 on a Black Friday is not a complicated process. It is easy but requires adequate planning. Therefore, if you can give us your next 5-10 minutes it can come in handy for you.

Each tip on Black Friday can be worth saving hundreds of bucks for some people. We researched for hours on the net to provide you the best and most useful tips.

So, take a pen and paper and let’s get started.

Tip #1: Setting a Proper Budget

Setting a proper budget is a very important step. You should keep a budget for both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Although both days are good for electronics, Black Friday will provide deals on many electronics like Gaming Consoles, TVs, etc. Whereas Cyber Monday will provide major deals by Amazon, especially on Amazon Echo Devices, Amazon Kindle devices, etc.

Check the differences below to make a better choice.

Black Friday Cyber Monday
Good Discounts from Big retailers like Walmart. Good discounts from e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.
Good for the latest devices that were released this year. Good for older devices that were released before a year ago.
Best day to buy products available in retail stores Not a good day to buy products available in retail stores.

Online deals will be available on both days but that can’t be said for deals from retail stores.

Tip #2: Making a list is the most important step.

You should take some time for this. Think of the products you want to buy. You should categorize them on the basis of their priority

  • Top Priority – Must buy things at this Black Friday, even though, the discount isn’t as expected.
  • Moderate Priority – Aren’t important if they go out of budget.
  • Low Priority – Buy them only when you feel like their price wouldn’t become lower in the coming future.

Tip #2a: Adding Christmas gifts to the list

Here’s a fun fact – An average US citizen spends around $350 on Christmas gifts. So, if you are thinking of spending $500 on Christmas Gifts, after applying this tip alone, you will save around $80-100.

You can also add gift items for anniversary or birthday or even Valentine’s day if you have got good ideas now. Keep in mind, the more you spend on your future requirements during Black Friday week, the more you will save. Plus, we have tons of gift ideas for each type of person. Just browse this site and you will find the best ideas for gift ideas.

Tip #3: Get discount cards

Grab as many discount cards as you could for the retail stores. Use all of them, as these discount cards on the biggest discounts’ day will add more to your savings.

Tip #4: Add all products in your Amazon cart before going to retail stores

After making the list, add all these products in your Amazon account’s cart, and compare it with retail stores’ prices on the Black Friday and order on the instance you see Amazon’s prices are lower. Ordering on the instance is also important as good deals will make the product go out of stock faster. You can also try Walmart’s online store but Amazon’s own electronic devices like Echo and Kindle are very popular during these days.

Tip #5: Take the help of your friends or family members

When going to retail stores, it can get very uncomfortable there. Taking someone with you could make the shopping easier for both of you. If your friend completes his/her shopping earlier than you than he/she can help you to complete your purchases. Although, taking kids wouldn’t be a good idea if there is lots of hassle. But you can take their help to grab online deals when you aren’t free.

It is something everyone knows, still, try to go at times when you can find fewer crowds. If it is a rainy day, grab an umbrella and go to the store because when the rain stops, the crowd will multiply.

Tip #6: Don’t waste time thinking about the price

You know that if you will waste time thinking about saving a few bucks by buying from other stores, you could end up seeing the product go out of stock from both the stores. Therefore, stick to one kind of market you like, and take wise decisions while buying. Don’t let go off the deal worth $50 while trying to save few more dollars. Best deals won’t wait for you.

Plus, remember that every deal isn’t profitable. You don’t need a product if you won’t use it even though the price drops by 90%.

Tip #7: Get some products a day or two earlier

Black Friday isn’t about one day. Marketers don’t spend days making strategies to sell products for just one day. Many deals will be started a few days (or in some cases, even a week) earlier. Especially big retailers like Walmart and Amazon will start giving some of the best deals before Black Friday.

Tip #8: Avoid Walmart retail store and try Walmart.com

Retail stores are an uncomfortable way to grab deals on Black Friday. Instead, you can go to Walmart’s online store and grab the same deals without going anywhere. It’s just that Walmart has a price match policy where it tries to keep the same price on the same product in both online and retail stores.

Tip #9: Most important – Check Return Policy

It is very common that we would want to return a product purchased on Black Friday. Therefore, you should check the return policies of products purchased, especially for the products on which you have doubt or if products are of more than $200.

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