12 Unique Gifts for Twin Adults They Won’t See Coming

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Birthday Gifts for Twin Adults

If you were looking for some unique and praise-worthy gifts for twin adults, then you came to the right place. Funny, quirky, sweet, etc., you think of it and find them included in our list. Be it for their birthday or Christmas, our presents will suit every occasion. So without further ado, let’s get started –

Born Together Picture Frame

Born Together Picture Frame

Having a twin sibling is a fun experience as you literally have another you to compete with! So why not cherish this unique bond by gifting this picture frame that says “Born Together, Friends Forever”? Having a picture of theirs in the frame would make an excellent birthday gift for the twins.

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Funny Personalized Face Socks

Funny Personalized Face Socks

This funny pair of socks is the only thing you need to save yourself from the cold seasons. The socks will keep you cozy and give you something to laugh about because who doesn’t like derpy pictures on socks? A pair of these socks for each of the twins would be pretty sarcastic!

Funny t-shirts for Twin Sisters

Funny t-shirts for twin sisters

Matching clothes are one of the most popular gift ideas for twin siblings, and rightfully so. If they look alike, they might as well dress alike. And these t-shirts are meant for twin sisters, who’d always get one another in trouble. Among the cutest gifts for twin sisters!

Twin One Twin Two Keychain

Twin One Twin Two Keychain

These quirky little keychains are some of the unique gifts on this list. They look sleek, stylish and allow them to keep their keys organized so that they never lose them. A practical and a funny gift at the same time!

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Awesome Twin Mugs

Awesome Twin Mug

Ceramic mugs have become the rage; you’ll see people gift mugs on every occasion as they are versatile. So why not hop on this trend and present this funny mug to your twin sibling? Which this humorous mug will let them know how awesome they are!

LEGO Statue of Liberty

LEGO Statue of Liberty Gift Set

If the twin adults like doing stuff together, then this LEGO set is the perfect gift idea for them. The statue isn’t easy to build, so they would want to partner up to do it. They can enjoy the set as a shared present! That’s why it is among our favorite birthday gifts for twin adults.

Cool Twins t-shirt

Cool Twins t-shirt

Imagine pulling up to your school on the first day with your twin in these t-shirts. It will be like a start of a teenage movie from the 90s. So why not embrace this, and go all out, gifting these quirky twin t-shirts that’ll surely leave people startled!

Funny Wombmates Throw Pillow

Funny Wombmates Definition Throw Pillow

Many people have batchmates, classmates, roommates, and I can go on and on, but they aren’t as unique; as your wombmates, i.e., your twin sibling. So gifting this funny wombmate pillow will be a great way of emphasizing your point. It would make a sweet birthday gift for the twin adults!

Good Evil Twins Keychains

Good Evil Twins Keychain

Keychains are a lovely gift idea, especially with some fabulous engraving having a meaning, like these good and evil twins keychains! They are quirky, sleek-looking, and get the job done by keeping your keys safe. What else would you want from a mere keychain? Go for it!

Cosmetic Bags for Twin Sisters

Cosmetic Bags for Twin Sisters

If you’re looking for a gift for your twin friends, then these cosmetic bag sets are the best ones on the internet. They are compatible with almost anything they can think of carrying, which will help them organize stuff better! Plus, they will catch all the attention when they go out together wearing this.

Fun fact: Do you know that twins start interacting inside the womb in just 14 weeks (Source).

Luigi and Mario Cosplay Set

Luigi and Mario Cosplay Gift Set

The next time they visit a party where they have to dress, they’ll better show up as the Mario brothers. This set of costumes will help in the get-up, but the most challenging part will be to decide who Mario will be because, let’s face it, Luigi isn’t that popular.

Better Looking Twin Tee

Better Looking Twin Tee

This t-shirt makes for a great last-minute inexpensive gift as you won’t have to put a lot of thought into it. It’s a t-shirt, with a funny quote on it. And who doesn’t like these with funny stuff on them? Especially when they are a way to give their twin sibling a hard time. Among our best gifts for twin adults!

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