Push-up board

Gift this to the muscle man you know, to help him make the right kind of push-ups without needing any other bars or stands. This push-up board has different holes to keep the bars, for different types of body exercises. The different color-coded holes are for exercises of parts like triceps, back, chest and shoulders.

Tired of performing the same old repetitive workouts, repetitive exercises, and the quadrillion reps? Yeah, everyone is! But now in various pushup positions and angles, plug and press like no other pushup tool. Power Press Push Up is a revolutionary color-coded push-up board training device that strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body (chest, neck, back, and arms), while at the same time engaging the overall heart. Multiple color pushup positions are easy-to-follow and target specific muscles and encourage proper form, which is important for strength training. An exercise calendar is also included which is tailored for all levels of fitness.

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