15+ Gift Ideas for Kids that are fun and increase creativity

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Gifts are not just random things you buy to keep other people happy, especially not for kids. You need to have some cool gift ideas for kids so that they connect to you through the gifts you present them.

Now, talking about your gifts, they need to be something that always helps the kids grow. You can’t just gift them an expensive iPhone so that they stop going outside. Your gifts should either help them learn or increase their outdoor activities.

This blog has over 20 gift ideas for kids which will be perfect for any occasion. We highly recommend you to go through each gift idea because each gift idea is unique and is perfect for different types of kids.

Microscopes or Telescopes – for the scientist

Microscope - Gift Ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

New generation’s kids aren’t just about toys. They are learning a lot from the internet and their curiosity about science is increasing day-by-day.

Today, every kid ponders if the aliens exist or not. Every kid dreams about traveling to other planets and roam in outer space. Every kid asks if bacteria and viruses have life or not. So, even if the kids (you want to give a gift to) reflect just some little signs that they like science and stuff, then they will surely like this gift.

Therefore, check out this best-selling telescope as a gift – Gskyer Telescope for kids.

And, check out this best-selling microscope as a gift – AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope.

Kitchen Set or Food Truck – for fun with friends

Toy Kitchen Set - Gift Ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

According to Psychology Today, pretend and play games have increasingly shown benefits among children of age between 2 to 7 years. Studies show that it increases cognitive benefits such as an increase in language usage including future tenses, adjectives, and subjunctives (Source).

So, a wooden kitchen set will be great for kids as they can do both playing and learning with the same gift. Plus, such a huge gift won’t fade off from their memory for a long time.

So, check out the best-selling Food Truck – Fisher Price Fun Food Truck.

Building kits – for making them creative

Building Sets - Gift ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

Kids love imagining scenarios of a hospital scene or a vehicle-chase scene.

Building Kits help in developing kids’ mental health. And when they have completely built a set, they can also play pretend games. These playsets include Hospital Sets, Transport set, Doctor set, etc.

So, if you think that the kid doesn’t have some playsets or building kits, he/she would definitely love to get one. Check out this best-selling Transport Set as a gift – LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport Building Kit. Also, check this best-selling hospital set as a gift – LEGO City Hospital Building Kit.

Remote Controlled Vehicles – for his love for new tech

Remote control vehicles giftideasclub.com

Don’t get the misconception that remote-controlled gadgets are getting old. With the latest technologies, they are getting more innovative. Today, those remote-controlled cars have converted into remote-controlled drones. And we know what you are thinking about. Expensive gifts aren’t a good catch for kids, right? Well, there is no need to give them expensive drones as there are lots of affordable drones available that would be enjoyed by most kids.

So, check out this best-selling remote-controlled drone – Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone. Also, there are some remote controlled supercars that are loved by kids due to their cool looks and climbing ability, check this – SHARKOOL 2019 Newest Wall Climbing Car.

Bicycles – Every kid must have one!

Kids Bicycle giftideasclub.com

Every kid, at least once, should have a bicycle.

It easily gets attached to the kids and makes them go outside. We know that in this generation where children are obsessed with gadgets, encouraging today’s kids to go outside is the hardest thing parents have to do. It will be the first step to make them do their own things. Till now, they either required their parents or the medium of walking to go anywhere.

Therefore make sure that the kid you care about has a bicycle and if not, then get him/her one today. For ages 2-4, check out this bike – RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls. For ages 5-10, check out this best-selling bike – Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike.

Outdoor sports set – for their interest in sports

Kids Sports Set giftideasclub.com

Soon the kids will grow up and stop doing outdoor activities because of smartphones. Therefore initial steps should be taken so that the kids are playing outside even when they have smartphones in their pockets. If the kid doesn’t like to go outside then a sport set at home will encourage him/her. And if the kid does like going outside then they will definitely love the gift. Sports set have a variety of products just like there are varieties of sports out there. Be it badminton, football, basketball, baseball, there are sports’ sets for each game.

Therefore, here is a gift of 6 balls for different games – ToysOpoly Set of 6 Sports Balls with 1 Pump. Also, check out these sport sets for particular games –

Programming bots – for improving his mental ability

Programming Bot - Gift Ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

Now, this is a new-gen gift for kids.

A programming bot that will move according to how you program it. Just think how much the kid will learn with this gift of yours. Just think how much the kid’s creativity will increase. What more could anyone want to help their kids learn in a fun way? Who knows if it can increase the kid’s interest in coding which is still one of the highest-paying and most required skills in the market.

Hence, it will be a perfect gift for kids to help them learn. And if the kid is really into tech and stuff, he will remember you and your gift for a long time. So, check out this popular programming bot – Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+ – Voice Activated.

Fingerlings – for making them caring and loving

Just look at how cute they are!

This may seem like just a gift to you but to the kids, it could be a friend, a pet, or anything through which they will connect. It will be just like connecting to those action toys like in toy story movies. Spending around $10-20 for one of the best gifts for kids is kind of the best deal.

These can also act as a plus one gift to another gift. Kids love getting two gifts when expecting only one. So, check out the best-selling monkey fingerling – Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey – Eddie.

R2D2 or BB-8 – for their new star wars friends

We all remember how much craze for star wars we used to have when we were young. The droid R2-D2 somehow became a robot that every kid used to dream of having. Similarly, if you have seen the recent star wars movies, there is a new robot just like R2-D2 i.e. BB-8.

His unique way of movement, which is in the form of a rolling ball makes it very cute. Well today, these droids are now available in a very interactive way. They can move as we tell them to and they can interact in the same manner as they used to in star wars. So, it will be a great gift for kids as it will be like they have a new friend.

Therefore, check out the new R2-D2 droid – R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid.

Also, check out the interactive BB-8 droid – Hero Droid BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid.

NERF Guns – for their brief imagination

NERF Guns - Gift Ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

NERF has become a brand we all have become aware of. It is a toy brand that has famous blasters and guns which are 100% safe for kids. And it will be a great gift for children who are stuck playing video games in their mobiles, PC or video game consoles.

Kids are very well attracted to games like Fortnite which in simple words, is a game where we kill each opponent until we are the last ones alive. It’s OK if kids spend just an hour or two on these games then it is absolutely fine but it becomes a concern when they aren’t able to distract their minds off from these kinds of video-games.

So, a perfect solution for such kids is these NERF blasters and guns as its bullets are made of a very spongy and soft material. It will encourage the kids to play like a real soldier which is far better than the video games’ addiction. It will make them go outside with other kids who have these blasters and they can even make some real friends.

Hence check out this best-selling NERF blaster – Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster. Bows are interesting too, so check this NERF bow – Nerf N-Strike StratoBow Bow.

UNO or Monopoly – for improving their interactions with friends

Cards and board games are very helpful for kids in improving interactions with other kids and make new friends. Plus, it will be a fun activity to distract their minds from addictive video games. And the games that we suggest are the ones that don’t need much introduction as everyone knows about these and they can start without discussing the nerdy rules.

So, you should check the fun UNO cards game – Mattel Games: The Official Uno Tin. And, also check the new Monopoly board game – Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game.

Learning tablets – to have fun while learning

Learning Tablets giftideasclub.com

We know that it won’t be a good choice for kids who already have their glasses on because of using smartphones all the time, but it will be great for kids who are ao obsessed with outdoor games that their study suffers. These tablets are made for learning and have interactive-games for the kids which improves their mental health.

Also, we all know how harmful the internet can be for kids. You know, they are searching for games and they end up being acknowledged by some aggressive content. So to keep the kids safe from such stuff we should provide them these tablets where you can keep track of your kids’ activities.

So, check the best-selling Amazon’s tablet for kids – All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case.

Movie Making Machines – for improving their creativity

The movie business is increasing year by year, recently Avengers: Endgame made headlines by becoming the highest-earning movie of all time. Consequently, there has been a rise in students not for pursuing acting, but for pursuing various other careers in filmmaking.

Now giving them a movie making kit doesn’t mean encouraging them to do filmmaking, but it will help them increase their creative skills therefore, increasing their intelligence. So, check out this movie-making machine – Klutz KLZ813720 Lego Make Your Own Movie, Multicolored. Also, check this movie-making kit – GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine.

Clothes – to connect with them

Kids Clothes giftideasclub.com

Well, clothes are something that kids keep for months or years. You won’t know if your gift is kept by the kids for such a long time but clothes assure that they will be with the kids.

Now, you can gift them ordinary tees or pants but remember one thing that kids don’t care about fashion. What they do care about is playing and watching movies. So, gifting them clothes that have cool prints of superheroes or monsters can be well-received by them.

Girls mostly love dresses of Cinderella and barbie whereas boys love cool costumes of star wars, marvel or DC comics characters. So, check out this cute dress for girls – TTYAOVO Little Girls Unicorn Dress. And, check out these cool t-shirts for boys – Marvel Boys 3-Pack T-Shirts: Spiderman & Avengers Superheroes.

Hand Operated Drones – it is something new!

Hand Operated drones are like some next-gen products. It is a very cool product which will especially be loved by kids. When someone else sees you operating them he/she will feel like you are a magician. These are operated by movement of your hands and fly in the air till you want them to.

Just imagine how cool it will be for a kid to have such a toy. Even as adults we find it’s working quite amusing. Therefore check out this hand Operated drone – Hand Operated Drones for Kids or Adults.

Dollhouse – for pretend and play games

DollHouse - Gift ideas for Kids giftideasclub.com

Dollhouses are something that every girl wants. Even some boys would play with them but they won’t do that in front of you. For girls, it is like a new house for their friends i.e. dolls. They love playing pretend and play games in their dollhouses.

Plus, as we have told earlier in this blog, pretend and play games are very beneficial for kids. Therefore providing girls a dollhouse will impress both the girls and the parents. And she will be admiring you for a long time due to this amazing gift. So, check out this barbie dollhouse for girls – Barbie DreamHouse.

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