Wedge Pillow for Snoring, Post Surgery, Easy-Reading

We require this multiple times in a day. We can check our Instagram without getting up from the bed and without causing pain in the neck. Plus, your friends and family members with the problem of snoring can make use of it. Also, it can help your parents and grandparents by giving them relief from various body pains and post-surgery.

By working to improve your body posture and aiding your upper back and shoulders, this sleeping wedge cushion can ease back and neck pain, as well as relieve GERD and acid reflux problems. This bed wedge riser supports a healthier sleeping posture for your back, neck, and shoulders and offers relief from orthopedic health problems. Multipurpose and flexible-enjoy the ideal angle degree, upright placement of the wedge when watching TV or reading-or even using it for the elevation of the hip! The bed wedge pillow has a lightweight and breathable cover, in addition to its supportive memory foam base.

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