Vibrating Massage Cushion

This Vibrating Massage Cushion has 6 different Vibrating Motors for lower back, upper back, mid-back, and thighs. Plus, it is made up of soft plush fabric. So, you can say that the person using it will be 100% comfortable with it. It also comes with home and car adapters therefore, you can enjoy the massage even while driving or waiting for the traffic to clear.

With 6 strong vibrating massage motors, each massage cushion targets the upper back, middle back, lower back, and thighs to help alleviate muscle pain, anxiety, stress. One can also pick all 4 zones at once or separately to their liking. 5 system modes and 4 variable vibration intensities offer you the best massage to customize as you wish. Heating pad with auto shut off goal full-back and lap, radiating gentle warmth, relaxing and loosening tight muscles and blood circulation improvement. The seat massager is fitted with a safety system for overheating and auto shut off timer, dual insurance for safe use.

Each pad cover for the massage chair is made of 100 percent ultra-cozy luxurious, incomparably soft polyester that provides a supportive and great body touch feel. To hold cushion safe and comfortable, dual adjustable brace goes around the back of a car or chair seat. Car And Home adapter included, the cushion can easily be used at home, in the workplace, and in the car.


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