Umbra Hub Wall Mirror

A unique  gift idea! This wall mirrors looks are very eye-catching. Even in guest rooms, it will good with other arrangements. Its design is just simple with no sloppy frames. It is considered best in crowded rooms like the living room. The rubber rim on the outside makes it durable. It looks great in rooms with modern looks.

The Hub is the perfect mirror for densely populated areas such as exits and toilets. The rubber rim allows it longer lasting than your typical mirror and gives it a sleek, aggressive feel. And Umbra is a major product design company offering a home design that’s unique, innovative, comfortable, and practical. Which is why their items are different from the usual mirror on the wall. This mirror will trick the eye into making it appear larger if you live in a smaller space, letting light bounce around the room, widening the space visually. The Hub Mirror improves the decor of every room it has put in, perfectly matching the space as it opens.


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