Turkish Moroccan Indian Tea set

A great gift item! A unique tea set is far much better than a normal tea set. This tea set gives the old and traditional Desert countries’ vibe which is very unique and cool. It consists of a tray, 6 saucers, 6 cups, 6 glasses, and 6 lids. This tea set would be a great gift idea on weddings and anniversaries.

The whole set is made of Turkish metal (zamax). All parts of the metal were cast with high – quality materials. Each piece is coated, and hand-painted delicately. This genuine set is designed to serve tea, but then you can also serve espresso, latte and coffee, and so on. This special item, as seen in the picture, consists of 25 pieces. This Premium Quality tea set is Turkish Made. It is a traditional, high-quality, and Ottoman-style tea collection for 6.

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