Tile Mate

Do you know someone who always forgets where he/she kept their small but important things like keys, airpods, etc? If yes, then you should gift these to the person so that they stop losing things that are important to them. Plus, if the person has a small pet that gets lost from time to time, then this gift could be a great help to the person.

The Tile Mate that everyone wants has just changed. Now even more reasons to bring that on something without which you couldn’t live. Higher volume, broader range, and prolonged life means Mate can help you find better than ever before. Look via your phone for missing things. If your Tile is inside the Bluetooth range of 150 ft, this will emit a loud tune before it is located. To make it ring, double click the Tile button, even when it’s on silent. Leave your Tile app running in the background, and remember the last time and place you’ve had your object. Also connect to the largest lost-and-found network in the world, where anyone who uses the app within the range of your missing item can update their location.

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