Skin Therapy Wand Machine

As the word ‘therapy’ depicts, this wand machine causes vibrations which can try to decrease most skin acne and help your hair to grow. The wand comes with 4 tubes for 4 different purposes like stimulating thick hair and improved blood circulation for younger skin. Overall, this gift is perfect for those who want to look better every day.

As we age, the production of ATP slows down which may contribute to the visible signs of aging. Sagging skin, hair loss, age spots are other skin imperfections that are the signature indicators of cell activity decline due to aging. The NuDerma Skin Wand amplifies cell turnover by overloading the ATP synthesis to pause, stop, and gradually reverse the aging process leading to softer young skin. The Spot Treatment tip is perfect for healing acne and acne scars easily. High-frequency therapy destroys the bacteria immediately below, while at the same time supplying a natural increase in cellular energy to help kill bacteria causing acne and potentially minimize inflammation.

The system is specialized in various skin therapy areas such as acne treatment and wrinkle reductions but daily use offers a dramatic overall change in the skin profile. Nuderma generates 10 watts of power at high frequency 50-60Hz waves that are completely painless and efficient in reducing wrinkles and fine lines over time by improving the circulation and collagen product that allows “plump” skin cells to fill voids that are the root cause of wrinkles and fine lines


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