SHANY All-in-one Harmony Makeup Kit

Women love makeup kits. Since the rise of Kylie Jenner and other celebrities showing their makeup accessories, makeup and beauty kits have become more popular than ever. Therefore a nice makeup kit would be a great gift idea for your girlfriend or wife. SHANY brand is very popular for beauty and makeup products.

Every blush is ideal for wearing on its own or mixing it together to complement every skin tone. And it has 4 lip gloss, another in bronze with glitter. 5 Gloss in pale blue, white, terracotta, dark red, and bright gold. It’ll be endless with too much makeup to choose from your variations of colors. This practical palette is ideal for the Make-up Artist. For 168 pigmented eye shadows for day and night, it’ll be easy to go forward. Tailor your look to natural colors, sleek shades, and bright shades. 98 shimmering shadows offer a colorful sparkle.

And it comes with pretty shades of blacks, blues, purples, and greens and warm colors in shades of reds, blacks, bronze, and gold. 70 Pastel glitter tones differ across a wide variety of colors. To highlight, you can use lighter colors, darker colors to describe, and brighter vivid colors to add artsy pop to any look. 3 Light matte rose blushes, bright coral glitter, and dark peach. SHANY goods are free from cruelty.


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