Red Rock Gear Youth Ghillie Suit

An amazing gift idea for your hunter friend at affordable prices. All the men who love hunting sports and adventures should have one of these Ghillie suits. This ghillie suit consists of hood, pants, gun cover and a bag. It comes in two different options – forest and desert camouflage for different hunting regions.

This Red Rock Outdoor Gear 5 Piece Ghillie Suit is indeed the benchmark for ghillie suits used in the hunting community. Its creation of 3-dimensional disguise gives it an advantage over all camouflage clothing. The jacket is fitted with a snap closure front and an elastic waistband which makes it perfect for layering. The trousers are drawstring and waist elastic which provides a wide range of fitting and convenience. The pants also feature snap closures on the pant’s outer hem near the ankle to quickly cover boots. The hood protects the complete head and neck; a drawstring chin strap is also adjustable. The gun wrap has elastic and a drawstring which allows it to cover a shotgun or rifle of average size. The full Ghillie Suit blends into the bag of stuff provided. 


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