Pet Grooming Brush to reduce shedding up to 95%

Remove dead hair and tangles from your favorite cat or dog by a grooming brush. By just gently combing over the hair it will remove all the loose hair within some minutes. You will definitely be amazed to look at the before and after combing images of your pet. Plus, you also get free eBooks on dog care.


Leave the pampering headache behind, easily remove up to 95 percent of dead hair and tangles from your dogs and cats in just 10 minutes! Protect your walls and surfaces clean of pet hair while saving time and money on costly pet grooming services trips to the Vet! Get useful maintenance tips on the free E-book ‘Four Dog Treatment!’ This dog and cat brush is made to last for years of pet grooming without effort! It offers high quality with the 100 mm stainless steel blade covered by a cover for your protection and blade durability, and the strong, easy-grip handle. This is a long-lasting deshedding device.

Effortlessly rid your four-legged undercoat friend and loose hair, and keep allergies from the bay by regularly brushing them! Thank your pet for the professional services of a dog/cat deshedding tool, and maintain strong bonds with your four-legged friend! Simple to use and not creating a sprinkle of pain, this grooming brush should make the lucky pet owner’s face smile broad! This will ease the shedding of their dog or cat, reduce pet grooming time to just ten min. Offer it to save them time, money and effort on all occasions, and show off your impeccable taste!

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