Organic Chemistry Model

Make the kid topper of his Chemistry class with this gift idea. This model has many atoms coded according to the universal standards. It will make learning about the fundamental particles on Earth more fun and enjoying. It can be informative to kids from 7th grade to college grades. Even small kids will have a fun time learning about atoms in 3D.

This Molecular Model Kit contains a total of 239 parts plus a connection remover making it very simple to create models for models of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Molecular model sets are usually a helpful tool for research. This Academic Model is built for organic, inorganic, and functional classes to learn Easy Chemistry. The Structure Model Kit was developed to help beginners learn advanced chemistry while having fun. Kids will learn how to model organic structures, stereoisomerism, and cyclic compounds.

The 239 element package helps children with color-coded bonds from grade 7 to graduate level to help visually illustrate the compound structure & geometry. All elements are color-coded to standard practices that facilitate identification and use. This Chemistry Structure Package comes with an Instructional Guide for a simple recognition of all Elements and Connections with a four-page Chemistry Starter Kit. Delivered in a durable plastic box with 4 storage & portability compartments. The package includes high-quality Atom and Bond hardware that links and disconnects smoothly to ensure you don’t get tired fingers.

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