Nike Men’s Sleeveless Top

A well-received unique gift idea for your sports-loving friend! Men look great in sleeveless tees and tops while playing and doing outdoor activities. Plus, this is from one of the best brands in sportswear – Nike. Its fabric keeps the sweat away and brings comfort to your body. It will be perfect for your gym-loving friends.

The Nike Legend Men’s Sleeveless Poly Top is a flexible Dri-FIT men’s top featuring a simple, sleeveless design and properties of moisture control to keep individuals comfortable during prolonged training sessions and activities. Dri-FIT moisture control technology from Nike helps transfer moisture from the skin to the top’s outermost surface, keeping the body cool and dry throughout physical action. The Nike Legend Sleeveless Poly Top’s sleeveless structure is suitable for a wide variety of training environments and allows for greater freedom of movement. The 100 percent polyester foundation allows the Legend Sleeveless Poly Top to stay wrinkle-free and enhances the ability to carry moisture effectively away from the body. Nike also provided a tape to the neck to add longevity and comfort.


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