Nice choice cute toddler backpack

Let the kids love going to school with cute backpacks. These backpacks show cute characters like Pikachu, Unicorn, monkey, elephant, etc. at the back of it. Children love these characters and will have a good time keeping their books and stuff in the bag. It also comes with a side pocket for keeping water bottles.

The infant backpack features a cheerful animal face, top hanging loop, crafted detailing, and a fun, contrasting zipper pull built for small hands. The kid’s backpack features two interchangeable shoulder straps and a top handle for kids of all ages, allowing you to customize this backpack comfortably and easily to fit girls and boys of all ages. The baby bag has a small front pocket and a central bin. You should bring the stuff of some little kids in it, like books, little toys, pens, etc. With this bookbag, a super cute pattern and design will make your little preschool or grade school kids ready to go to school! It is great even for visiting the zoo, playing in a park, commuting or any other recreational activities.


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