Mr. Taco Train

Who doesn’t like tacos, right? This gift will be great for kids who love tacos. Plus, when they don’t want to eat tacos, they can even play with the toy train. The train has 3 Holder for Tacos and its holders can be easily removed for cleaning it. So, this gift will make fun times for the kids, with their friends and family members.

Appoint a Mr. Taco Train at each table setting and watch your children’s eyes glow when they see the bright sombrero and fun train of choice carrying their tacos! The cars just clip on or off, and you can quickly throw the pieces in the dishwasher – a win for mom and dad! Created of plastic BPA free and Food Grade! Healthy for all – yay! Who said it is wrong to play with your food?! Encourage children to stay at the table to eat more! The convenient train compartments keep the shell of the taco upright, so you can spoon in the toppings! And, it’s super easy for the children to rest their taco while taking a drink.

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