Modular Tree House and Castle building walls

There is no better gift for kids than a gift which helps them grow. This is a great gift idea to encourage creativity among kids. This is a set of walls, roof, toys, etc. Kids can even play role games with this. Each time they will make a different castle, more they will improve their creativity.

The Modular Tree House and Modular Castle Building Walls render a perfect collection of prototypes! With this package, your baby can create entire fantasy worlds, then take the pieces apart and place them on a rack. With this collection, the opportunities for creative thinking are practically infinite. The Modular Tree House organic lines (pic 3) beckon, which delivers hours of creative play. Wizards, gnomes, druids, boys and girls, knights, hobbits, and all the woodland creatures on this big tree will find a new home there. Each package comes with three moving ladders so that all the occupants in the treehouse can ascend from floor to floor.

The elements can be arranged in various ways so that each time a kid plays with it the treehouse can be assembled uniquely. The Classic Modular Walls of Building are extremely flexible. There are different characteristics of different walls in the package. Many have windows, some tall, some long… The numerous pieces allow this toy to be set up in literally thousands of different configurations. The ends of each wall are notched so that it would lock in with the other walls. Walls range in thickness, the largest being nearly 2 inches thick is made from 3/8 inch high-quality birch plywood, an environmentally friendly, durable material.

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