MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave

A perfect mini-house for your cat! The bed cave is made of Merino Wool and is great for your cat to sleep and loosen up. The material is non-toxic and can’t harm your cat’s fur. Merino wool also keeps away dirt and bad smell. It fits cats of most sizes. So, surprise your favorite cat with a cat cave and make him/her happy.


Every cat cave is carefully made by professional artisans from 100 percent all-natural wool. By using an ancient technique of making called felting, each cat bed is molded individually just using soap, water, and pressure. Warm, comfortable, and long-lasting pet bed for your pretty pet and special touches to home décor. Ideal for play, nap, rest, relax, and sleep inside or on top of the cats. To your furry friend, family, and environment, it is safe and non-toxic. In addition to being smooth and versatile, merino wool naturally repels pollen, dirt, and stains. A great option for cats small to medium in size that won’t share cat cave with their members of the cat family.

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