Leather Cover for Full Focus Planner

A unique and cool gift idea for your friend who always likes to be organized! This is a handmade leather cover for keeping most of the important materials which you require daily like books, tablets, pen, credit cards, money, etc. It is a very durable cover and has many pockets for different items you require.

Each product is handmade with US materials in Seattle. The entire process from layout, cutting, sewing, packaging, and distribution takes place in their Seattle, WA workshop. They use 4 types of veg-tan leather –
Bridle: Which has a smooth butter finish and is beautiful and very robust.
Harness: Which is full of characters, glazed at a vivid finish. Has a good pull-up and with time takes on the character.
Latigo: It is finished with tallows to make it water-resistant and has a perfect pull-up.
Classic: It is the raw, hand-dyed veg tan leather.

Their leather comes from Wickett & Craig, which has been tanning in Curwensville, PA since 1867. They use vegetable-tanned leather which is a traditional method of tanning leather to a beautiful patina, using tree bark. Full-grain leather is the outer part that has all the characters and should not be mistaken with “genuine leather” used by the mass-production industry for bonded leather made from residues-thought wood. Although, if it is used with leather, it loses its oil content.

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