GILOBABY Take apart police car with 4 policemen

It is a very well-received gift idea for kids as they love toy cars. They imagine their own scenarios and can play a whole day with just a toy car. This toy car can help increase their creativity as they have to first assemble the car. Plus, this toy set comes with 4 policemen characters and kids can make them sit on the car or walk them.

Have enjoyable moments with the kids putting together their own car. By individually installing and dismantling this police car with the tool drill it will improve its manual and memory capabilities. Great for understanding the basic parts of cars too. 4 Figures of policemen with flexible arms and legs, who could sit on the car seat. Featuring versatile door and car roof. Funny kids role-play set. So if the child is 3 years old and up, get them set to this incredible building game! The police car model features realistic flashing lights and realistic sounds including a horn and siren. They measure 8 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches.

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