Furhaven Pet Dog House

A perfect gift for your pet! Every dog loves to get under the blanket to get a warm and cozy sleep. The soft blanket can be used both with and without the plastic loop according to your pet’s needs. It has a memory foam top which acts as good support to your pet’s muscles, joints, and pressure points.


The Furhaven Memory Foam Blanket Bed will be with Undercover comfort! This cuddly burrow-style pet pillow, made from super soft micro velvet fabric inside and out, is the ideal option for snuggle bugs that love to crawl under the sheets. The soft hood features a lightweight and adjustable hoop to match the sleep and burrow habits of your pet in the best way. Using the hoop and the hood becomes more of a cave that enables clear access to the interior. For animals who love hiding under the “blankets,” cut the hoop and snuffle into their preferred sleeping spot.

The laminated memory foam top pet bed core only offers the perfect degree of satisfaction and protection to optimize rest and relaxation for your pet. The memory foam top retains and keeps the body heat of your pet for optimum insulation and comfort while at the same time adhering to the particular shape of your pet to better protect joints and alleviate pressure points. It combines the advantages of memory foam with a medical-grade polyurethane foam base to optimize its advantages and ensure your pet has the proper assistance. All foam used in making this product is manufactured in the USA and has been accredited and rigorously checked to ensure that it meets the standards for quality, compliance, and reliability.

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