Funny Bathroom Signs (Set of 4)

A sarcastic gift idea is always special. The gift idea has 4 funny bathroom signs saying – floss and brush your teeth, wipe your butt, wash your hands, and Flush the toilet close the lid. Plus, it will also look good on the walls of the bathroom. These signs will show your funny side to your friends making you the ‘Chandler Bing’ of your group.

These funny bathroom signs are developed and packed with hands-on work to ensure the best possible value for each print. It means that all the action takes place right in North Carolina, USA! Highly efficient matte paper is used to make all fine art prints. A delicate and beautiful pattern of linen is then embroidered upon the surface. The result only adds the correct texture level to the images without messing with the data. Each of such art prints is filled with attention and a creative eye so it can be shipped directly to a fortunate consumer who will be deeply pleased by the crafty, handmade elegance!

Its high-quality packaging will not only impress you but also shield the art from any potential harm or transport bent. This package is only one of the many artworks that they sell! Please, not that these prints of art don’t come with a frame. The preview photos are an example of what the prints once framed should look like.

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