From my Heart to Yours

From My Heart to Yours is a very cute and romantic way to show how much you love your partner. It would be a great anniversary, wedding and Valentine’s day gift. The heart shooting man to a blushing girl will catch anyone’s eyes towards it. Plus, the pillowcases are available in multiple options and you can even choose mugs other than pillowcases.

Give this to your sweet and endearing loved one! Hold these pillowcases close to each other, holding your love together. This caring pillowcase package for his and her couple is a meaningful way to tell them that every day, every expression of their love is on a one-way direct flight – From My Heart to Yours. Now that is what we call shifting emotions! Feel valued as soon as you unbox these presents from your loved ones. High-quality fabrics make the pillowcases longer-lasting, less fade of color, and resistant to wrinkles. Pillow cover is lined with signature graphics into an eco-friendly, gift-giving ready packaging package.

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