Frigidaire EFIC206-Silver Ice Maker

A great housewarming, wedding gift! Frigidaire brand is known for its quality products in the kitchen and household category. It has a see-through window to check the ice cubes and takes just around five minutes to make ice without even making much noise. Plus, you can choose between 2 sizes for ice cubes.

Escape the heat with a refreshing cold drink filled with ice cubes. The Frigidaire Ice Maker-Silver EFIC206 makes ice cubes in moments, and that too without any effort. The lightweight, elegant style makes it simple to bring around. It contains a powered LED indicator and allows ice only with a click of a button. The Frigidaire ice maker has a capacity of 2.3qt, which holds up to 1.5lbs of ice. It has never been this simple to make ice.

With the Frigidaire freestanding ice maker, you can make ice cubes for parties in just minutes. Lightweight and modern design allow transportation simple and display elegantly. This can open up space for other food in your freezer. This ice maker has a drain plug on the outside. Control systems with an LED indicator ensure your ice is being rendered with the click of a button. The cover see-through allows easy testing of the level.

Looking for a fast and easy way to generate ice? Your ice maker has a lovely high-end stainless steel coating, making it the ideal luxury piece for any kitchen, bar, etc. For as little as 6 minutes, your ice maker will produce the first batch of ice and can produce 26 lbs of ice per day. Choose from compact size to large size ice. All controls are implemented via the electronic control center and LED indicators. Simple to push around the top of your counter or take it to the beach, on your yacht, or anywhere else where you want ice straight at your disposal. Once you add this to the fun, your summer parties would never be the same!

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