Food-Containers that Collapse over an inch higher

As the name suggests, these food containers collapse over an inch higher for the best storage option. These are made of the best-quality material and is composed of BPA-free silicon. Plus, it has an air-tight container. All these things combined ensures that the food is fresh for a longer time so, you can these anytime, anywhere.

A team has come together to save the day (and your leftovers) in a world of overly stuffed cabinets. Vremi Presents The 4 Piece Collapsible Container Set! The best food saver containers for prepping meals, equipped with airtight seal vacuum grips, leak-proof lids, and the ability to collapse to 1⁄3 of its full size. Sturdy, and BPA free to store a variety of hot, cold, dry, or wet foods safely. Constructed with 4 size options and vibrant color which will give any kitchen design an extra pop. Try them out for everything from portion control to lunch containers, and take advantage of their power to keep food fresh and organized cabinets.

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