Fashionable Walking Canes for men

A unique gift idea for the old people you care about like your grandparents and parents. The handle of the cane has a roaring wolf come out of it. Even your friends who are having a problem while walking due to an injury or accident would love to have such a cool cane to walk with.

This unique walking cane is hand-carved from hard oak wood and the wolf head is Melchior (German silver) jewelry cast. The wooden component is finished with Italian high-quality hypoallergenic coatings. And the wooden cane is supported with a metal spindle so it can handle up to 400lbs of weight, given the main load is applied to the axis of a cane. The handle’s adjustable form is very convenient, and the cane weights are just around 1 lb 5 oz, suitable for everyday use. The wolf head adds retro appeal and turns daily everyday things into a walking cane for extraordinary people.

Their trendy walking sticks and canes are handmade, with a distinctive pattern adorned with exclusive brass or Melchior pommels. These are going to change your mind about walking canes. This cane is the ideal gift to give to support someone. Surprise the individual by offering a stylish walking cane and he will never take it down, as many of the thankful clients have proven. The overall length of the wolf walking stick is 36 “(and you choose to make it shorter by cutting it down). All the model canes have a rubber tip to cover the bottom part and ease the walk.


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