Evo App-connected Coding Robot

A great way to make your kids get in love with coding and become creative. It is small enough to fit in your pockets. You can even teach new tricks to Evo with OzoBlocky code. You can even access an app to connect to people who have Evo and see what they have done with Evo. This coding robot can do countless actions, therefore, increasing kids’ creativity.

Evo is a pocket-sized programming robot that provides infinite potential. With the press of a button, Evo comes to life, displaying Tricks such as follow, music, and escape with its detectors. Teach Evo new OzoBlockly Computer tricks. Or go screen-free with color and markers, and code Evo. To make new friends, get excited, and show all your Evo creations — from OzoBlockly programs to color code drawings, link to the web.

This innovative coding robot is filled with proprietary technologies like a system of color code you didn’t notice anywhere. Evo has won the Consumer Insider’s Top Holiday Pet, Academic’s Choice Brain Gadget, National Parenting Items, Editor’s Choice for PC Magazine, and TWICE Chooses. Also, Evo has earned some rave reviews from TIME, Mashable, TechCrunch, USA Today, Wired, and Digest Reader.

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