DVD – Avatar/Titanic

Directed by James Cameron, both the movies were a worldwide phenomenon and immediately became the highest-earning movies worldwide at the time of release. In fact, Titanic was unbeaten until Avatar was released who set another milestone in earnings. Both the movies won many academy awards and are a great inspiration to the filmmakers.

From the incredible majesty of the sparkling rainforests to the glorious Hallelujah peaks floating in the sky, the magnificent world of James Cameron’s Avatar comes alive like never before — now for the ultimate home viewing experience in eye-popping 3D! Soar between the Banshees soaring. Fight with warriors Na’ vi. Go back to Pandora and indulge yourself in the greatest triumph of all time, as one man’s quest for salvation leads him beyond imagination on an epic journey.

See as never before the multi-Oscar winning masterpiece and revisit the magic again and again and again.

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