Doingart Garden Butterfly-shaped Solar Lights

Beautify your garden and home with butterfly lights. These lights automatically glow when they are kept in the dark. It has 7 different colored lights and doesn’t need any wiring or electricity to be installed. When these butterfly-shaped lights glow, you will feel like every night is Christmas night at your home.

This gift is to help their gardens and yard look more appealing by decorating your yard. LED light to adjust colors alternating between red, blue, white, purple, yellow and green, and so on, allowing them to be just as stunning in the evening. Gives a staggeringly colorful light effect to this piece. Solar energy innovation on this device is used for better economical and environmental conservation purposes, the solar panel’s exposure to sunlight for 6-8 hours will completely charge the battery and light up for 8-12 hours. A great product for decorating your exterior.

Just plug the Solar Lights into the ground and switch on the solar panel’s back button, no external cables need to be attached.
The updated solar panel is now larger, simpler, and more effective turning sunlight into energy compared to older solar panels. Decorate this package of solar light to your yard. The package comes with 7 color-shifting LEDs, Purple, and white lily lights. Imitate the real butterflies, larger petals add a better lighting effect to your garden at night, offering a special and colorful view. This device uses fiber-optic fibers to make the light impact appear different and special in contrast to all other related products.

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