DIY Explosion Gift Box

Ever wanted to gift boxes that explode with cute images of you and the person with a small gift, like in the movies and TV? If yes, then today is your lucky day because you found this gift idea. Although it will take time to fully prepare this box still for those whom you care about the most, it will be a small job. Plus, it would perfect for Valentine’s day.

Not an expensive gift, but making a gift with your warmth is the most important thing. It’s not just a package or card, but a gift you create with heart. A special and imaginative photo card gift for you to capture your journey and memories of happiness! High-quality paper and more than 8 pieces built-in to write and document the lovely memories for both you and your loved ones. Make your beloved feel your warm heart from your warm touch. There’s a surprise besides the box itself, there is a little box for you to bring into other surprises! Together, you’ll scrapbook the most awesome surprise package with your own personal favorite pictures and your favorite quotes.

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