CUBOS with Walnut Inserts

A great learning toy for babies and infants! It is a handmade toy for kids made from natural wood. Children will have fun while putting objects in the right place. They can also use their imagination to make houses and tower with this. Children who play such games show better mental signs of creativity.

The stylish wooden form sorter toy is a re-imagined version of a classic! Your child will be amused by working the wooden shapes into their proper slots, opening and closing the CUBOS box, or even simply stacking the inserts to create a tower or a supposed area. To babies, the shape sorter is a great choice as soon as they are able to comprehend objects. The inserts are carefully designed with precise precision to ensure that they do not cause any shock danger to your infant. Your child loves learning how to recognize the form, cause, and effect, how to stack objects, how to open and close an object, and more! CUBOS offers countless hours of general play where creativity is the only limit!

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