Beard Bib

Do you know someone who has a beard but doesn’t have this cape? If yes, then you need to get this for him now. Everyone gets annoyed when they go to the bathroom and finds little pieces of facial hair around. That’s why this cape, as seen on shark tank, sticks to the mirror and all the trimmed hair settles on this cloth, leaving no hair around.

Save Money. Conserve Time. After trimming, are you Sick of the cleaning process? And What about the clogged sink approach? Well, fear no more as Beard King tries to help you with the official Beard Bib. Beard King is the official Beard Bib. Their revolutionary beard shaving bib is meant to obtain facial hair clippings to prevent cleaning up after trimming your Beard, Mustache, Goatee, and hair trimmings and makes for quick disposal. The beard apron features velcro straps that can be customized much like a salon top, but with one size suits.


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