Baby Banz Earmuffs – Infant Hearing Protection

Protect the babies’ ears from heavy noises in the surroundings. It is a must-buy item for those who live in the city side or have traffic near their homes. Even when going to an airport, Movie Theater, and stadium, the babies’ ears’ can hurt if you don’t use earmuffs. These earmuffs are extremely lightweight and comfortable for babies’ soft ears.

Whether your younger children are at the play area, water park, music festival, theater, choir practice, fireworks display, or taking an airplane on holiday, BANZ hearing protectors provide them with the security they require. More than one-third of all hearing defects are due to noise and are totally preventable!

BANZ hearing protectors are able to combat any and every adventure. They are ultra-lightweight and can easily fold, making them lightweight for daily use and easy to handle. Based on the size of the head the fit may differ by the baby. If you feel that your child could be between sizes you are recommended to order a particular size.

It has Industry Leading Noise Reduction Rating – NRR 28dB and provides negative noise pollution and auditory protection. It is specifically built for babies, and these earmuffs feature the ideal customizable headband to suit all ages. Seek and you’ll see why sound protection for BANZ children keeps leading the market. The super-soft padding provides amazing comfort. Kids love it and as will you!

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