Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

In today’s time, even doctors have laptops at their home or hospitals. Therefore, gifting a cool laptop backpack will be a very good idea. This backpack is anti-theft and very stylish. You can even charge your phone while walking through an external USB. It has 10+ compartments and is waterproof.

This waterproof backpack can organize your things with 12 + Pockets. The laptop pockets suit Macbook / Laptop 15.6 inches, 15 inches, or 14 inches. Practical primary pockets can keep your chargers, books, clothes, etc. Your wallet and phone can be kept within pockets. The slanting front pocket is ideal for fast discoveries like your work ID, two side pockets for the water bottle and a small umbrella keep your things organized. The USB Charging Laptop Rucksack with built-in USB Adapter outside and built-in charging cable within, so that you can plug a power storage hub inside, then simply attach your USB cable to your waterproof laptop bookbag and connect it into your computer for fast charging.

This antitheft travel laptop bag comes with a LOCK and you’ll never have to worry about someone robbing your phone, iPad, file, and anything worth it. A luggage strap makes luggage/suitcase backpack fit, slides upright handle tube over the luggage for easier transport. Close and open lasting metal zippers effortlessly, providing a long-lasting use every day. For better tear and water-resistant, this heavy-duty laptop backpack is made from high-quality polyester fabric is shockproof with high density nylon lining. Two “S” curve PADDED shoulder straps alleviate shoulder tension, with basic yet supportive back design providing great back support, making your job, company, and travel more supportive everywhere you go. Great for tossing in an airplane under your seat while you’re traveling or on a business trip. Can be conveniently packed for back to college trip. A great option for a business laptop backpack, work backpack, etc.


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