Animal Bull Painting 67” Handmade Oil Painting

Beautify walls home and offices with modern art. It will be a great gift idea for your artist friends and loved ones. This oil painting named ‘The Power of the Bull’ will be created by Koby Feldmos, an Israeli painter. His paintings mostly get highly positive reviews from the customers. It will be an original handmade oil painting of a bull with the painter’s official stroke.

The painting is created in the same style, color, and scale to look perfectly identical. Seller will start making your painting within 2-3 days after you place an order. They’ll complete it within 7-8 days. They will then give you a picture for your approval of the painting. According to the seller, you can cancel the deal and get a full cash refund at any time. The reason for 2-3 weeks waiting time is to attain perfection for your painting. The painter uses oil paint (and not acrylic). And it needs time to get dry in the fresh air as the paint is oil-based (as opposed to acrylic that is based on water). Also, thick layers of paint will be used in the painting (impasto style) so it will need more time.

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