American Lifetime Digital Clock

A perfect digital clock with smart features! This clock’s looks with high resolution are what catches the most attention. Plus, it has way more features than you think like changing the color of the display, different alarm options, medical reminders, and multiple languages. It will be a perfect gift option for your parents and grandparents.

This Day Clock simply sets out the exact time and part of the day, day of the week, and date and month without any misleading abbreviations. People with vision impairments can see the wide illuminated 8-inch monitor from any angle and up to 20 feet away. It is the first clock of its kind with 5 multifunction alarms to assist users through wake-ups, medicine alerts, and appointments. Just plug it in, and the Digital Clock will show the appropriate time and date in EST. It has an integrated kickstand for viewing on the board, and a keyhole slot for fast wall mounting.

This gift is about reminding older people of all they still hold on to, and it’s all worth keeping. This is produced for the goods from a U.S.-based business and imports high-quality components. The Day Clock screens are imported from Japan, making the clock outstandingly transparent and easy to read.

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