50 Real Log Candle Holders

These are a total of 50 candle holders that are made of real logs. They will look great to lighten up for occasions like Christmas, wedding, etc. and will give forestry and natural look. As they are made from real logs of oak, walnut, and maple; each candle holder’s size will differ. It will be a great gift idea for house redecoration.

It is a box of 50 candles providing different varieties. These are ideal for creating your own wedding centerpieces and other special occasions! Every candle is faded gently to maintain the wood’s beauty. You are going to get different logs in height. Each one can differ slightly in hardness and length. Some candles will range from 5-6 inches in height and 3-4 inches in diameter others will be 2 inches in height and 2-4 inches in width. Seasoned, tough Logs are hand-cut clean. Constructed from Maple, Walnut and Oak recycled hardwood logs. Bark and color can vary. No two candles are the same but they are both beautiful.

Using Real Tea Light Candles (as seen in the picture) is okay when they have the metal holder underneath, as the wood is unsealed, without a barrier the wax could reach the wood and become hard to separate. And cleaning from a dry cloth is recommended as wet cleaners can cause wood to discoloration/expand.

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