3-D Sleeping Mask

This 3-D sleeping mask was made for the best comfort. You can even blink your eyes when you are wearing them. Plus, it has an adjustable buckle strap so that anyone can wear it and it doesn’t catch your hair. Therefore it is perfect for meditation and small naps. After all, good relaxation leads to a happy and cheerful day.

Modern 3D eye model design generation provides plenty of space for free eye movement. Functional memory foam on weak recovery. The super-soft material leaves you feeling more comfortable without having to place any pressure on your face. The new soft adjustable buckle strap design would never catch your hair and its top-notch design will allow you to relax and rejuvenate your sleep in any place you want! It attaches naturally to the nose bridge and changes when worn to the right position. Block the undesirable sun, cure insomnia, and get long nightly REM sleep. Excellent for daytime travel, work shifts, and sleeping. Ideally suited to men, women, and babies.

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