180 days of practice for first-grade

A great learning gift for kids! Children can learn so much from these 3 books on Math, reading, and writing.  The books are made for children and have children-friendly animation, images, and passages. If a child of first grade completes all 3 books then he will definitely get confident about studies and get a boost from the start.

Assist first-grade students to develop their knowledge of science through enjoyable and successful day-to-day practice. Children will discuss the three aspects of science using everyday activities: life, physical, and earth and space. This 3-workbook collection is perfect for use at home or in the classroom. 180 Days of First Grade Reading helps to build understanding, fluency, vocabulary, and learning skills. 180 Days of Writing for First Grade helps develop competencies in writing and grammar, including the basic phases of writing: prewriting, editing, printing, etc. Through 180 Days of Math for First Grade, practice page offers 6 questions, linked to a specific mathematical concept.

The style of diagnosis makes those workbooks special and accurate. Each workbook is structured to provide parents and teachers with everyday practice, assess knowledge, and identify areas for improvement.


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