10 Gift Ideas for Women that they go crazy about

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We wanted to keep the majority of women’s likes first, before suggesting you gift ideas for women. Every woman has different likes and dislikes. Some like decorating their house, while some like to dress-up well for every occasion.

Be it any case, we have many great gift ideas you can choose from.

But first, keep in mind that what are her likes and how can she react to the gift, and then choose it. For example – you won’t want to spend $40 on a beautiful rose bouquet only to know that she likes lily flowers more.

Note: If you don’t want to get into details about the gift ideas you can also go to our official page for gift ideas for women where we have more than enough gift ideas for women.

Gucci Sunglasses – For the trend lover

sunglasses - Gift Ideas for Women

Gucci has now become a huge brand in the fashion industry. Due to its great quality and ever-lasting trendy looks, it is now every fashionista’s top choice.

Most women want to wear Gucci fashionwear while going outside. The brand’s logo itself attracts many people towards it and the brand speaks for itself. So, if the woman whom you want to give a gift to, likes trends and fashion then she would definitely love to have Gucci sunglasses.

If you are willing to pay more (around $1000) then do check Gucci’s handbags because this is what Gucci is most famous for.

iPhone or an iPhone Case – For the iPhone lover

Phone Cases - Gift Ideas for Women giftideasclub.com

Do you know iPhones are the most preferred mobile phones among women!

Somehow, women love iPhones more than men do. It is because of the fact that iPhones have a great brand value. And in other countries, this trend is even more and iPhones have the greatest brand value among other smartphones. Most successful and females (like entrepreneurs and businesswomen) would love to have the latest iPhone with them.

So, most women would love to have the latest iPhone in their purse. So if you have a good budget then you should check the latest iPhones\ and an even better choice would be choosing her favorite color. But if you just want to gift her something on a random occasion then you can give her an eye-catching iPhone case.

MAC Lipstick – For making her feel better about her appearance

Lipsticks - Gift ideas for Women giftideasclub.com

MAC is a brand known popularly for its lipstick products. Its shades make it unique and better than others. Since its lipsticks are of high quality and are pricier than most other lipsticks, it can be a good gift idea for women, especially on random and small occasions.

So, if you are interested, do check MAC’s lipsticks collection.

Kindle Tablets – If she loves reading books

Amazon Kindle tablet giftideasclub.com

Book-reading is a very good habit. It is way better than wasting time to talk to fake friends on Instagram. And if the woman likes reading books, then a kindle tablet is like a must-have item.

Plus, the new kindle tablets come with way more features than the older ones like – being water-proof, adjusting warm light for eyes, etc. So, if you are still using the older kindle tablets then it is time to move on to the newer versions and get a hang of new-tech in the market.

Check the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis now.

Pendant Necklace – If you want to gift something special

Pendant - giftideasclub.com

Pendant Necklace – One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship!

A nice and cute pendant is very well-received by women. They like to keep it with them all the time and show their friends how good it looks. Plus, the pendants are not very pricey like other jewel items.

There are many designs and shapes available for it. Depending on what she could like and what she doesn’t have, you could put a wide smile on her face with a beautiful pendant like this – Love Heart Necklace.

If you want to surf the best of amazon then check the best-reviewed pendants.

Handbag/Wallet – For her fashion love

Handbags giftideasclub.com

Most women are fashionistas. They love fashion products more than anything else. You should put this gift idea in your list.

Now, if you are looking forward to this then you should first categorize which purpose you want to fulfill with a handbag. For example – There are handbags for offices, parties, etc. Best would be to gift her a handbag she doesn’t have, for a particular occasion.

Now, you could choose from your own what handbag or wallet you want to gift by clicking here.

Otherwise, you can check what we suggest –

Bracelet – Another special gift idea

Bracelet giftideasclub.com

Gifts like pendants, bracelets, and earrings are considered best because they remind you of the person all the time. Each time someone praises that gift, she will remember you. Therefore, you should give these kinds of gift ideas a major priority above everything else.

Now, a bracelet is another wearable she would love to keep every time she goes out. So, you should check bracelets and see if you like one of these. A better option is if you find something that matches the pieces of other jewelry she has.

You can also check an Alex and Ani’s Bracelet which is quite popular on Amazon.

Watch – If you want her to remember you

Watch giftideasclub.com

Another great wearable item! If you don’t like bracelets then you can go for watches too. Watches are not just jewelry, it can be fitness tracker, call receiver, and many other useful things. Plus, all these features come with a cool fashionable look.

Now, depending on your relation and likes of the woman you have different options. We have chosen different options for different types of women –

Earrings – For additions in her jewelry kit

Earrings - Gift Ideas for women giftideasclub.com

There is no doubt that women love jewelry items. They like glittering stones and objects very much and would always love to have more of these.

And she will love them, even more, when she knows that these are special and gifted by an important person – you. You could always strengthen your relationship with her by gifting her nice earrings. Now, there are many different styles of earrings available – Studs earrings, Hoop Earrings, etc.

You have to choose what would suit her best or what she would like. Our suggestion is that hoop earrings are quite popular among earrings so you could choose one of these.

So, check these Silver Hoop Earrings for hoop style, Sterling’s Dangle Earrings for drop-dangle style and these Gemstone Jubilee-Cut Stud Earrings for stud style.

Makeup Kit – For her interest in Make-Up

Makeup Kit - Gift Ideas for Women giftideasclub.com

Since the rise of YouTube’s makeup artists, new makeup styles and colors are becoming a trend nowadays. There couldn’t be a day now when makeup-related videos are not on YouTube’s Trending page. Every woman wants to apply and experiment with new make-up styles with different colors. (Even some men too, remember James Charles – was popular for days for his and Tati Westbrook’s controversy).

The conclusion is that today makeup kits are a very important dressing asset for women and she would love to have a nice Makeup Kit in front of her mirror. Therefore you can gift her a popular makeup kits like Pur Vie 132 Colors Makeup Set.

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