15+ Gift Ideas for Brother that are unique and important to him

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Looking for a Christmas gift for your brother? Or is it his birthday and you want to surprise him with a creative gift? be it any case you have come to the right place for that. In this blog post, you can choose from over 15 gift ideas for your brother that are unique, creative, heartwarming, and are worthy of putting a smile on your brother’s face. Each gift idea is important for different kinds of brothers. We are sure that after going through all these ideas you will have tons of super nice gift options. Also, you can go through a quick gift list specially made for men that you can check here.

Clothing – For addition to his wardrobe

Clothes giftideasclub.com

Clothes are one of the most popular gift ideas that work for any occasion and person. Because it stays with him for a long time and each time he’ll wear it, he’ll remember you.


A sweater is like a classic gift item, especially on the occasion of Christmas.

Now, offering a normal sweater that you found on the nearby store won’t do any good. That’s why your gift should focus on something that is related to the person. And if you can’t think of something quickly then at least choose one from a popular brand.

For example, Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest clothing brands in the USA. So, gifting a Ralph Lauren Sweater would be a very good choice. You can take a look at this popular Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater by clicking here.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Although in terms of gifts, a hoodie, and a sweater both serve the same purpose here. But everyone has a different point of view. So, it might be the case that your brother might like a hoodie more than a sweater.

And now if you are looking for a hoodie then again as we said earlier the primary purpose should be to find something relatable. And if not then at least your clothing item should be of a valuable brand. Take an example from this Calvin Klein Men’s Sweatshirt.


Everyone is geeky about something. Be it computer programming, soccer, or even comic superheroes like batman. And you are in luck if you know what your brother likes the most. Because today, tees are available related to every interest. Not getting how? Then let’s take some examples.

Most people used to love star wars when they were young. So, if your brother too loved star wars then you can gift him this – Funny Sci-fi Geek Men T-Shirt. And young people love Marvel movies so you can also gift something related to Marvel like this – Marvel Groot I Feel T-Shirt.

And if you want to gift something fashionable then you can gift a t-shirt like this – Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s T-Shirt.


Make sure that you know the size of your brother’s feet before thinking of buying shoes for him. And remember that the shoes must be of a reputable brand so that your brother admires your choice.

Nike is the biggest brand in the USA in terms of footwear. So, you should check NIKE Men’s Free RN Running Shoes. Another big brand is Adidas which is popular for its sportswear. So, you also check Adidas Lite Racer Men’s Shoes by clicking here.

Notepaper Roller – For his little needs of paper’s pieces

Were you looking for something special for your brother? Well, then this gift idea can be of help. Because almost no one would have thought of giving such a unique gift to him. It’s a casual and creative gift idea. Everyone requires paper on a daily basis for small needs like to write a phone number, make a list, etc. Especially for a person with a job requiring little pieces of paper every time like an assistant or a shop owner, this gift can be very useful to him.

So, check this white paper roller – Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder. And if you want to gift just use and throw paper then check this – RETTEL – Paper Note Roller.

Camera – For his travel needs

camera - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

Duh, everyone requires a camera. Today, social media has become so much important to us that it has made, having good-quality pics, a must for everyone. So, it would be great for your brother who doesn’t have an iPhone or other costly smartphone.

Now, there can be two gift options for capturing important moments. The first one is an HD video camera to capture moments like birthdays, trips, etc. If you think that your brother requires or might such a camera then it will be a perfect gift choice for him. You should take a look at the SOSUN HD 1080P 24.0MP Video Camera which is quite popular on Amazon.

Another option is a little expensive but of great value i.e. a Digital Camera. Almost everyone who daily updates their social media account asks for a quality camera for taking their pics. So, we have a good value-for-money DSLR option for your brother – Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera.

Beer Caddy – For a unique gift

Beer Caddy - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

We all love beer, don’t we? It is among the best options to take our minds off from our busy and hassling lives. And yeah, it’s a pretty unique gift idea so not everyone will be comfortable with it. But if your brother needs beer more than anything then this might be useful for him when going out for fishing trips or having a barbecue outside.

Plus, these things are of great value to the receiver and available at small prices. You can check a handmade beer caddy by clicking here.

Outdoor Sports Gifts – For his love for sports

Outdoor Sports giftideasclub.com

We love going out. Although today’s generation is focussed more on their social media accounts rather than going outside. But still, many people love going outside. Also, we feel like gifting something that encourages your brother to maintain good health is among the best gift ideas for your brother.

It works both ways –

  • If someone doesn’t like going outside then sports items will encourage them.
  • And he will already like it if he does like going outside.

Now, different people like different sports. If you know what sport your brother likes the most then it will be easier to choose a gift for him.

American Football

Superbowl, every year, gathers most no. of viewers on TV. The Halftime Show, the atmosphere, everything makes it our favorite. That’s why American Football is considered the most popular sport in the USA.

So, you can gift a football or anything related to it if he loves the sport.


Baseball too is very popular in the country. And New York Yankees are considered the country’s favorite baseball team. So, you can gift a Yankees hat or a t-shirt if your brother loves the team.


Basketball is a sport that is popular in the whole world. According to Forbes, LeBron James was the 8th highest-earning athlete in the world from June 2018 to June 2019.

So, you can gift him a #23 James Basketball Jersey if he is a fan of LeBron James. If not jersey, then anything like a basketball or even a basketball hoop, could be loved by a basketball fan.


You won’t believe that more than half of the population of the world consider themselves a football fan, according to worldatlas.com. Every day, people all over the world have a discussion about who is better among Messi and Ronaldo. Recently, our women’s soccer team won the FIFA World Cup and made the country proud.

Although, soccer is not much followed like football in our country still it is connected with millions of people. So, you can gift him the official match ball of UEFA 2019-20. Also, football fans are divided among Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fans, therefore, choose among the latest Lionel Messi’s #10 Barcelona’s Jersey or Cristiano Ronaldo’s #7 Juventus Jersey.

Tool Kit – For his mechanical works

Tool Kit - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

Some might never have considered this as a gift item. But the thing is that men require these tool kits all the time. Most men like to fix household problems by themselves rather than calling a mechanic or a plumber. The bills, time adjustment, and other troubles just for making a few adjustments don’t add up. So, a simple tool kit is a far better option.

Therefore, gifting a tool kit may become a good choice for the person. Think of it like this – if you make your brother choose between an extremely useful $50 tool kit or a $50 gift which he can’t make use of, what will he choose? The toolkit, right.

So, you should check this amazing 196 Piece Tool Kit.

Video Game Consoles – For his love for video games

Video game console giftideasclub.com

We always include it in our gift ideas’ lists. It is because if someone loves gaming and stuff, then nothing can be considered better than gaming consoles for him. If you think gaming is for kids, then let us get the facts right first.

An average gamer age is around 34 years. Data even says that 60% of Americans play video games. So, while you might not be a gamer almost 6 out of 9 people other than you will be playing video games in their free time. So, let’s check the best gifts related to Video Games then –

In the U.S.A., 3 console making brands are ruling right now – Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. All three brands’ latest models are best for different types of people.

Sony’s PS4 Pro is considered the best because of many hugely popular gaming series which only work on PlayStation consoles. Uncharted, God of War, and Marvel’s Spiderman are just some of the popular names that are only released for PS. Microsoft’s Xbox One X is making its mark due to the best graphics quality. Finally, Nintendo Switch is popular because it can work without having a screen so, people can even play while sitting in a car.

All 3 models listed above are costly to some people. But there is one other amazing gift idea, which will only be liked by the old geeky gamers who are playing since the 90s – Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. It is a much cheaper option. It is also one of the classic gaming consoles that will make the person remember the older classic games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, etc.

Speaker – For his need of listening to music

Speaker giftideasclub.com

Smart speakers might come in handy for everyone. Its some out of hundreds of functions include – reading an audiobook, playing music, answering questions by Alexa, etc. Just giving commands through voice makes it so easy and time-saving.

So, gift your brother an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker. And if your brother loves music then you can gift him a portable speaker like this one – Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker.

Ties – For making his casual look more casual

Neckties - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

Men look best in formal dresses. A man in a suit shows confidence and smartness on his face. We know that ties are required even when we are not wearing a suit. Whether you go on a date or in a meeting or a wedding party, it always makes the person look more attractive. So, gifting a premium tie set or a luxurious tie would be a great option for your brother.

Therefore, gift your brother 5 Luxury Italian Neckties which improves his looks and dressing. If not a set than a luxurious necktie like this – Marino Men’s Necktie Set would be a great option too.

Sunglasses – For his eye-protection

sunglasses giftideasclub.com

Just like neckties, sunglasses too, are considered good for gifting purposes. But again, don’t just select any random sunglasses; you need to gift something special, remember. In this case, you can gift sunglasses of valuable brands like Ray-Ban or Prada.

Ray-Ban is most people’s first choice among sunglasses. So, you should check these amazing Justin Rectangular Sunglasses by Ray-Ban. And if you want to check Prada’s sunglasses too then check this – Prada Mens 0PR 12TS.

We also have something special for you.

If your brother is a movie-geek or comic books lover then you can gift the sunglasses which were worn by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in 2018;s blockbuster movie Avengers Infinity War and then again by Tom Holland in Spiderman Far From Home – Spider-Man Glasses Tony Stark Sunglasses Retro Square Silver Frame.

Wallet – If he needs a new and better wallet

Wallet - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

Wallets, again, are a great choice for gifting. We don’t think that we need to tell what the need of having a durable wallet is. And again you have to give something valuable to your brother i.e. a good brand’s product.

Now, Tommy Hilfiger is a very big brand among wallets and cases. Therefore gift him something like this – Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Thin Sleek Casual Bifold Wallet. Or if your brother is someone who mostly uses credit card or mobile phone apps for money transfer then we have one cool and unique wallet – The Ridge Authentic Minimalist Metal Wallet. It is like carrying a card instead of a thick wallet.

Beard Grooming Kit – For his cool beard

Beard Grooming Kit giftideasclub.com

Would you like to make your brother look more attractive? Because many of us can’t shape our beards to make it look cool. And if the beard is not shaped well, instead of looking good, it worsens the face’s looks. So, if your brother loves keeping a beard or mustache than just a comb is not enough for him, he needs a beard grooming kit. It will make it look like being maintained by professionals.

So, check Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men which includes everything, from a brush to comb, required to keep a good beard.

iPhone or Smartphone – If you love him this much

iphone or smartphone - Gift Ideas for Brother giftideasclub.com

Let us share some amazing facts with you first. According to Statista, almost half of the people in our country change their smartphones every two years. And of course, in today’s time having a smartphone is like a must. Also, almost 79% population of the US has a social media account and most people use it on their mobiles. And if your brother is between age 19 to 29 then there is a 90% chance that he has at least one social media account.

Now, iPhone is the #1 brand for smartphone users in the USA. And if you have made your mind for the smartphones then your brother will definitely love the latest iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

But if you think android OS is better than iOS then Samsung is the best brand to go with. Check the amazing Samsung S10 if you have a solid budget. Otherwise, Google Pixel 3A is considered one of the best android smartphones in the world with a good budget.

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