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Buying a gift isn’t about purchasing any random thing you see at your nearby store. It must be something that puts a smile on the person’s face. But since you are here we probably know that you care. Now, I myself am a big geek. As my friends and most groups mostly consist of geeks so, I know what will be a perfect choice as a gift for a geek. Plus, it will be a great help if you know any geeky interests of the person we are about to make happy. Most geeks are crazy about these franchises –

  • Star wars
  • Star trek
  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter

We have at least one gift idea for each of these franchise fans. We recommend you to go through each gift one by one and choose what will be perfect for the person. And you can check other geeky gifts that we have which will take just a minute to find a nice gift.

May the force be with you!

R2-D2 or BB-8 Droid – For the Star Wars fan

R2D2 and BB8 - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

There is a good chance that you already have seen the Star Wars movies. Now, do you remember these droids that helped the main protagonists fight against the dark force? They are not fighting bots (for those who don’t know), but are just like some messengers and spaceship mechanics.

First, take a look at R2-D2. Don’t think of it as a toy for kids. It is an app-enabled droid, capable of doing multiple functions. In simple words, the person will feel like he/she has the actual R2-D2 droid.

Now, BB-8 too is like R2-D2 but the difference is in their way of movement. BB-8 moves in a very cute way of rolling while its head stays in one position. And it was present in the latest trilogy. Also, this one moves with remote-control instead of a phone app.

Video Game consoles – For video games lover

Video game console giftideasclub.com

As geeks, we love video games. And nothing is better as a gift for us than the video game consoles. It will be the best gift that any geek can have. And if you are thinking of making the geek’s day with this gift idea, then do read this short guide below which will help you choose the best console within seconds –

So, mainly 3 video game console brands are ruling in our nation – Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. I feel that the best video-game console right now is Sony PS4 Pro as Sony has many popular video games that can only run in PS4 consoles. You would have probably heard about God of War and The Last of Us series. And yeah, these games are only available for PS fans. So you know how important PS consoles are.

Xbox One X which is the latest version of the Xbox series is considered the best in terms of 4K gaming. Nintendo Switch is popular because of portability. Both Xbox and PS4 are played on a TV while Nintendo Switch can be played in handheld mode too, therefore not requiring a TV.

Well, we understand that for most people, these consoles aren’t affordable to be given as gifts. But there is something that will fit your budget and the geek will love to have – The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES classic edition. It is the classic edition that is like the replica of the console that was available in the 20th century.

Star Trek Merchandise – For the star wars fan

Star trek - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

Star Trek is one of the oldest and most popular media franchises in the world. You won’t believe that there is a fictional language called Klingon which was first spoken in a star trek movie, and now is a real language that some Star Trek fans are fluent in. Amazing, right?

Now, the first merchandise is a T-shirt – Cosparts Into Darkness Spock Blue Uniform T-Shirt. I always tell people that clothing is a very cool way of gifting as that reminds the person about us every time he/she wears it.

Another idea is a Star Trek Phaser Remote Control Replica. It is a remote which looks like a phaser which was used in many star trek movies.

Infinity Gauntlet – For the Marvel fan

Marvel - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

The infinity war was mainly started just 2 years ago when Marvel’s Infinity War movie was released. The main antagonist Thanos used to wear this infinity gauntlet to use the infinity stones to alter time, space, mind, soul, power and reality. (Please don’t mind me when I get too geeky about an interest). Marvel started this so-called MCU in 2008 with Iron Man and over 11 years it has gained a huge fanbase not only in the US but worldwide too.

And there are two types of infinity gauntlets – the one Thanos used and the one Tony Stark aka Iron Man used. The Original Infinity Gauntlet i.e. used by Thanos was introduced around the release of Infinity War movie. The Endgame Power Gauntlet used by Iron Man was recently introduced in the world’s highest-earning movie – Avengers Endgame. Both will work like a charm for your geeky friend.

Doctor Who Lamp – For the Doctor Who fan

Doctor Who - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

It can’t be possible that you haven’t heard of Doctor Who. It is a science fiction television program that has been running on BBC for decades. And now our gift idea relating to Doctor Who is a lamp. It shows the Doctor Who’s logo on the lamp. If you want to check this Doctor Who lamp, then please click here.

Galaxy Crystal Sphere – For any geek

Crystal Sphere giftideasclub.com

At least once, everyone wonders about how big the universe is, are aliens real, is there life on other planets, and other things like that. Many geeks love learning about space. They read theories and NASA’s reports from time-to-time. For people like those, it would be a great choice to gift something related to outer space. And if the geek is a kid, then check our official gift guide on Space Gifts for Kids.

Now coming back to the heading, a crystal sphere representing a galaxy would be loved by the geek you want to give a gift to. So, check the Handmade Glass Crystal Sphere representing Galaxy. Although, it will take some days to make this sphere so you should also check this other Crystal Ball which doesn’t need time for preparing.

Drone – Everyone would love this!

Drone giftideasclub.com

As a geek, I can say that we love new tech gadgets. We love gadgets like new smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, droids, drones, etc that are introduced in the market. And a drone is a unique gift idea which no one expects but it is something that everyone would love to have, wouldn’t they? Plus, unlike phones, laptops, etc; they are way cheaper. You can say that their average price is just around $100.

Now we have two great options to buy as drones –

SNAPTAIN SP600 720P Drone – It has all the features like gesture control, voice control, one-key takeoff/land/return, etc required from a nice droid. Plus, its flight time is around 30 min which is pretty uncommon in most droids.

SNAPTAIN S5C 720P Drone – Again, it has all features of the drone shown above other than the flight time. It’s around 15 minutes but its price is significantly lower.

Gaming Headphones – For the gaming geek

Gaming Headphones - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

As I told earlier, gaming is a great pleasure among geeks. And anything related to gaming means the world to us. Now you can’t gift someone video games without knowing they have the console for it or if they already have it or not. Plus we know that video game consoles are a great choice, but only if they fit in the budget.

So, another suitable gift idea related to gaming is gaming headphones. While gaming, sound quality is considered as important as visual graphics quality. You may say that it is as important as you require a 4K Ultra HD TV for gaming.

So, if you are willing to gift these headphones then let us tell you that HyperX Cloud Stinger is considered a great value-for-money buy in the industry. But if you have a budget of around $100 then you should check the SteelSeries Arctis 7 as these are considered the best headphone for gaming.

Unique Chess Sets – For the mastermind geek

Unique Chess - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

Mentally challenging games and questions are always welcomed by geeks. They’d rather play chess at home than physical games outside. And we all know that chess is a great game for challenging yourself mentally. Even though it seems boring to many people, as 2 people take around a minute to displace one piece. But what if I were to tell you that many bright-minds have made the game intriguing by introducing 3 and 4 player chess. I know, it makes the game so interesting, right. So check this 3 player chess set and to see the 4-person chess set then click here.

Still, if you think 2-player chess will be a great choice, then we have something special for you. Comic book fans love DC comics. And Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight is still considered the best superhero movie by many geeks.

Therefore we have a unique gift idea mixing both Batman and chess lovers – The Batman Chess Set (The Dark Knight vs The Joker). Isn’t it a great idea? So, check this amazing Batman chess set by clicking here.

Batman Merchandise – For the Batman fan

Batman giftideasclub.com

Batman is still one of the favorite superhero characters of all-time. Due to the bromance between Joker and Batman, it is considered the best superhero-villain duo. And what makes Batman more popular is that he doesn’t have any superpowers. He is just a mere human.

So now, our first gift option related to Batman is the Bat LED wall light. It also gives a great texture to the room in the night. Plus, gifting a cool t-shirt would be a nice idea too. I am not talking about a graphic t-shirt; it is rather a simple tee with a distressed Batman sign. Just take a look at this t-shirt by clicking here.

Another option is a flashlight. Normal flashlight won’t do anything but a flashlight showing bat signal would be much amusing. So, check this Batman Handheld Projection Flashlight. And our last recommendation is a collectible item – Batman Voice Changer Helmet. It looks just like Batman’s mask and can make someone’s voice heavy like they do in the movies.

Telescope – For any geek

Telescope giftideasclub.com

Not just a geek, but everyone wonders about space and planets. It is something that has countless possibilities and arguments which makes it even more interesting. We don’t know if we can alter with time with the help of technology but even reading theories related to it gives goosebumps to us.

As we said, everyone ponders about these thoughts and many even feel excited thinking about it. That’s why we think that a telescope would be a great choice as a gift. Checking out the shining stars and planets from close would be a great pleasure. So, check this best-selling Celestron Telescope by clicking here.

Programmable Magic Wands – For the Harry Potter fan

Harry Potter Wand - Gift for a geek giftideasclub.com

Remember the Harry Potter movies and books. Yes, it is the billion-dollar franchise that every kid is crazy about. And not just kids, Harry Potter has many adult fans who love the wizarding world.

Now, imagine what will it like to be using a wand to control your TVs and smartphones. Even a normal person would be interested in such a thing, but just think how much a geek would love this. Just do some simple gestures and you can do many remotely controlled commands. So, check this amazing gift idea – Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control.

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