14 Interesting Tech Gifts for Men you need to get this Black Friday

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The latest tech gifts for men are like luxury gifts for them.

Every man has different tastes and is a geek for his interests. Cars, video games, NASA’s space projects, new smartphone techs, and sci-fi movies are some of the most popular interests among men.

A perfect gift idea would be something that is related to their geeky interests. For example – If a 50-year-old mature person love supercars then even a $100 toy replica of a supercar would mean much to the person than a $500 watch. So, choose gifts that mean something to the man.

Now, Black Friday is coming up and if you want to save your dollars then add these items to your cart or make a list before they go out of stock on Black Friday.

As I myself, am a big tech geek I know what other tech geeks could possibly like. Also, do take a look at other cool and unique gift ideas for men.

Drones – For the fun man

Drone - Tech gift for Men giftideasclub.com

Drones are amazing. Even on vacations or any outing, you can use drones to check out new and beautiful locations around you. Or you can use it to make your surfing or bike-riding videos from a height. And today drones’ cameras can take pictures and videos in HD quality too with an adjustable wide-angle to capture more surroundings. Plus, they can be voice-controlled to make its use easier.

There are many drones available under $50 but if you want it to be useful then check SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV Wi-Fi Drone and SNAPTAIN 600 FPV Wi-Fi Drone with 720P HD Camera. And right now, the best drone in the market under $300 is Holy Stone HS700D 2K Drone with FHD Camera FPV Live Video for Adults.

Echo Frames – If he needs an assistant

Smart Glasses giftideasclub.com

Are you ready to see something that you saw in movies but wasn’t in reality like some future tech? Spoiler alert: It is a computer in spectacles. Isn’t it interesting! Just take a look at the recently released Echo Frames and you’ll want to buy them now – Echo Frame Youtube Video

It is like future tech. You have an AI assistant in your frames just like Iron Man used to have in the comics. The only drawback is that they couldn’t connect to iOS smartphones for now. So, gift the latest Echo Frames to your tech lover friend as it can be really helpful and could mean to be a special gift for him.

Also, Amazon introduced Echo Loop this year, which means Alexa in a ring. Just take a look at the Echo Loop.

Echo Buds – Another helpful assistant

Echo buds - Tech Gifts for Men giftideasclub.com

In a few years, people’s choices were immediately changed from normal earphones to smart earphones, thanks to the launch of Apple Airpods. With many features that made us realize that it is a revolutionary tech, it was one step ahead in sound technology. Features like stopping the sound when you remove the buds from the ear and talking to AI with just these buds felt really new at the time.

But now times have changed with Amazon’s Echo Buds and Google’s Pixel Buds, Apple is going to feel a lot more competition than earlier. Why? It’s because of the price tag. Echo Buds comes at the price of around half of that of the latest AirPods Pro.

And not only the price is so less but these are also very convenient and have better noise-cancellation. It is just that the case of Echo Buds has a battery life of 19 hours and AirPods Pro’s case can take five more hours. Still, both AirPods Pro and Echo Buds have the same battery life of 5 hours.

So, check the price of Amazon’s Echo Buds now. Still, if you want Apple’s Airpods than we suggest you to check the earlier version as it is a more economical option. Otherwise, check the price of AirPods Pro by clicking here.

Sleep buds – For a good sleep

sleep giftideasclub.com

A night of good sleep is a luxury these days. Since most people’s weekdays are spent in the office most of the day, the only thing they do after coming home is sleep, to wake up and go to work the next day. Also, stress and problems make it even harder to sleep. In these cases, sleep buds come to the rescue.

These sleep buds are very comfortable even while sleeping they make calm, peaceful sounds to make our sleep better. If you’re looking for gifting something special below $25 price, then this is the perfect gift item. Check CozyPhones Sleep Headphones. Another great option is Bose Noise Making Sleep buds but they are a bit pricey.

VR Headset – For the tech lover

VR Headset - Tech gifts for men giftideasclub.com

Virtual Reality is an amazing example of new tech. The idea of bringing the real experience to movies and games is just wonderful. After wearing these headsets, we get a feeling like we are experiencing what is shown in front of us. Just check this video to get a feel of what we are talking about – Man’s reaction to virtual reality rollercoaster

Hilarious, wasn’t it? Now, if the person you want to give a gift to is a gamer then this will be the best VR option for him – PlayStation VR. Another good option is Samsung Gear VR and if you are looking for something below $100 then check Google’s Daydream View VR.

Smartwatch – For keeping track of his health and time

smartwatch - Tech Gifts for Men giftideasclub.com

Every new gadget’s main purpose is to save time and make things easier. Just like that smartwatches are used to save time and keep a track of our health.

Smartwatches can do a lot more than just tracking calories burnt and making calls. With the new watch series of Apple, you can even track your heart rate and it immediately tells you if the heart rate is lower or higher than normal. In short, there is a whole computer inside these watches. Many smartwatches give you the feature to access maps.

Now, most tech lovers are fond of the latest tech that comes in the market, therefore, check out the latest Apple Watch Series 5.If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option, then check Apple Watch Series 3.

Gaming Console – For the gamer in him

video game console giftideasclub.com

I have given the gift idea of gaming consoles in most of my posts. Why? Because it is like almost everyone is into gaming today. According to variety.com more than two-thirds of the US population play games on at least one platform today. If you don’t play games, then you are different from most US citizens.

Now, in gaming consoles, there are mainly 3 brands right now – Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo. And guess what, multinational giant Google too, is going to set its hands on the gaming industry with its new Google Stadia consoles releasing on the 19th of November, 2019. But since it will be their first console, we should wait and watch if they are worth it.

Now, the best gaming console right now is Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro. Another popular gaming console is Microsoft Xbox One X which is best for 4K gaming. And, Nintendo’s latest console is Nintendo Switch.

iPhone 11 – For his love of latest tech

iPhone 11 - Tech gifts for Men giftideasclub.com

Apple amazed everyone at this year’s press conference when they launched the latest iPhone11 for a starting price of just $699. Many were thinking that the price would only go up looking at how the price kept on increasing every year.

So, it is a lucky year for every tech geek who loves iPhones. For the past few years, iPhones were only for selected people who could spend a thousand dollars on their smartphones. But now, many people can have the latest iPhone.

Talking about features, of course, it is better than the previous ones even if previous iPhones were of price more than $1200 at their launch. By the way, this year’s main feature is durability. All three models (iPhone 11, iPhones 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) that launched this year are made from the ‘toughest glass ever in a smartphone’. So simply put, new iPhones are better or equals some previous iPhones at a lesser price and with more durability.

So, check the latest iPhones and their prices by clicking here.

Projector – For the movie geek

Projector - Tech gifts for men giftideasclub.com

Some might ask – Isn’t projector an old tech? Well, the answer is yes, it is. So why am I suggesting this? It is because it gives the feel of movie theatres right at your home till today. Well, you don’t have to buy a 70-inch TV to watch movies on a big screen, even home projectors can do it. So why buy $2000 TVs when instead you can get the same-sized screen for a far-lesser price.

If you can spend more than $500 to get the best LCD 3D projector then go for Epson Home Cinema 2045. But if you would like to go for a mini projector which is lesser than $100 like VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector is the right one for you.

iPad Pro – If he doesn’t need a laptop but something more than a phone

iPad Pro giftideasclub.com

I could have suggested laptops in this post instead of iPad Pro. So, what made me suggest only an iPad Pro. Well, you would know after watching the video shown below – iPad Pro Youtube Video

Let me put all that in short for you – iPad Pro is faster than 90% of portable PCs like laptops and tablets, can access two apps at a time, unlocks with a face ID and comes with the apple pencil which finely works like a normal pencil. And it is a lot cheaper now, from when it was released. Also, no other versions of the iPad Pro were released this year, so it is still the latest iPad Pro from Apple.

Therefore, it is a perfect tech gift idea for anyone. So check these 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – For the Gamer

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse giftideasclub.com

As I told earlier most people are into gaming these days, gaming has become an important part of many people’s lives. Don’t just think of kids; adults and even people above 50 years of age are playing games today. If you know that the person whom you are trying to gift is into gaming and stuff, then he will love to have a new gaming keyboard and mouse.

Now Corsair brand is very popular for making gaming keyboards. Therefore, you should go with its best gaming keyboard i.e. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2. And SteelSeries’ Rival series is very popular in gaming mouse therefore, you can go with SteelSeries Rival 710 for the best gaming mouse.

Amazon Kindle – For the bookworm

Amazon Kindle tablet giftideasclub.com

I think this product made book-reading again a leisure activity after the 19th century. E-books are growing at an enormous pace especially due to the Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle devices are coming with new features regularly to grow its conquer over the e-books market. For example – most kindle devices are waterproof and have the night light feature especially for reading in the dark without hurting your eyes.

So, if you want to gift an amazon kindle tablet then Kindle Oasis is the best. But since Kindle Oasis is a bit pricy, therefore, you can go with Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon Ring Smart Doorbell – For his safety

Amazon Ring Smart Doorbell giftideasclub.com

As most houses are becoming smart nowadays with things like smart LED lights, TVs and speakers; smart doorbells feel like normal. But seriously, what is the meaning of getting smart if it can’t protect you. That’s why smart doorbells are now important to have installed in your homes.

It comes with features like alerts when someone is at your door and with amazon echo devices, it can even show you who’s at the door when you don’t want to get up from the bed. Therefore, the Amazon ring can be a great buy to secure homes.

Smart Speaker – If his time is money

Smart Speaker - Tech Gifts for Men

Do you know one in every four Americans owns a smart speaker? If you are one of them, then you probably know its importance and don’t read further, just check smart speakers by clicking here.

As the term, ‘smart’ suggests it is a new AI tech that makes many of our daily lives’ works easier and timesaving. It can do many things with just our voice-command. It can tell the news, remind you about buying groceries, play music, call friends, order products from amazon, and do hundreds of other skills. Simply put, if time is money for someone than this is a must-have item.

Now there are two major AIs in terms of smart speakers for home – Google and Alexa. Both are good but Alexa is ruling in this market. Therefore, you should gift Amazon Echo 2nd generation smart speaker.

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